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~Fenrir and I watch as Odin sits on an armchair~

Odin: So this is what an "armchair" feels like. Quite relaxing. Lyra Bloodia, tell them who you have recruited to help us locate Stepith.

Lyra: I will call her right now. Fortuna! Show yourself to the others

Fortuna: Coming Lyra!

~Out of nowhere a person wearing strange clothing appears, levitates around us, and has tarot cards around her~

Cyrus: ~whispers to Darius~ Dude, she looks hot!

Darius: ~whispering to Cyrus~ Oh please.

Lyra: She will be assisting Camillia and the others locating my husband and your leader.

Fortuna: Please to make your acquaintance to all of you.

~She looks at Lord Odin and bows down to him~

Odin: I am flattered Fortuna.

Lyra: Be sure to use the guns I have supplied for you all.

~Fenrir and I watch as Camillia touches the pistols~

Camillia: So what are the bullets made out of?

Lyra: Holy water

Camillia: Ahh yes holy water. It was originally thought up as a way to kill us vampires faster. But that's just a myth. It only paralyzes us temporarily.

Lyra: What do you mean myth?

Camillia: Looks like someone has been watching too many vampire movies. Scared of garlic? Stakes to the heart? All just racist stereotypes one person made up to sell more books....well until the Red Eclipse but that's a different story for another time. Fortuna, Lyra, Rukia, Kreel, Ukyo, you guys are coming with me to plan out the siege.

~as they leave to make up a plan to rescue father, Fenrir stops me~

Fenrir: This Fortuna person intrigues me.

Doesn't she Fenrir? But you may have to be careful considering that there's like (counts the cards around her) 22 cards. You're gonna get one hell of a paper cut if you want to get near her.

Fenrir: Good point