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~we go inside the mansion hoping to find Father. We see someone and we follow him/her. As we follow him/her to some kind of basement~

Lyra: Freeze!!

???: What the!? I didn't do anything and who are you people?

Camillia: We should be asking you the same thing

~we stare at the four mysterious beings~

There's someone behind them

Father: I believe that someone is me.


~and now we switch back to Stepith's POV~

~After I hug my daughter I kiss my wife Lyra as well~

Lyra: I missed you love.

As did I Lyra.

~I see that some of my friends have come to rescue me~

Cyrus: Its good to see you again buddy.

Darius: The same

~Mature, Vice, and Luca look on~

???: Who are these people Stepith?

I think you should introduce yourselves first.

~They see one of them introducing himself~

???: My name is Joker and its good to meet you all

~he bows down to them~

Joker: And the guy right next to me is Nyarl

Nyarl: Hello there

Joker: And the big guy in the center of us is Victor

~Victor looks at us shyly~

Nyarl: ~whisper~ Come one big guy at least say hello to Stepith's friends

Victor: H-h-h-hello ~waves at us and looks at Rydia~

Joker: And the fourth dude next to Victor is- ~vanishes into smoke~ Oh. She'll introduce herself later ~grumbles~

*EDIT* Had to fix picture error with Victor

*SECOND EDIT* Had to change the fourth person into a woman. I wasn't satisfied with the name I had planned