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~I look on as I see a black canine next to Rydia~

Care to tell me how you got that hound Rydia?

Rydia: That hound's name is Fenrir and we are linked together by Lord Odin

Fenrir: It's true Stepith, Your daughter and I share the same fate with one another. Should I die, she dies as well

So my daughter is going to be one of those Wolfriders I always read about in the history books.

Rydia: You are pretty close on that one father.

Lyra: Oh crap! I forgot about Fortuna!


Lyra: I'll introduce you to her later, lets go.

~we go outside to see my torturer holding what appears to be Fortuna hostage~

Fortuna: Help.

Lyra: Fortuna!

Richard: I don't think so fellas. Stepith, ~grins~ what are you doing out. And you brought your friends and the rejects to me? Cooool.

*Richard is the dude with the gun in the right of the cover*

Nyarl: Who are you callin rejects

~Richard points at Nyarl, Victor, and Joker~

Joker: Even if we're rejects we can take you on with our-

Richard: Fists, I got a gun. And I could kill this bitch if I wanted to. In fact ~he prepares to reach the trigger~

???: I don't think so ~she appears like behind Richard and stabs him in the stomach with cleaver~

Way to make an entrance Claire

*Picture of Claire*

Claire: What can I say Stepith? I always wanted to do it to Richard ~she grabs Fortuna and vanishes right next to Lyra~

Darius: You've met some interesting people in these guys ~eyes Claire~

Cyrus: Yeah ~eyes Fortuna~

Richard: Ughhhh ~coughs blood~ You meddling bitch! I'm gonna strangle you!

Claire: How can you strangle me if I'm way over here. So Stepith?


Claire: Lets have our revenge

~Nyarl, Joker, Victor, and Claire stand right beside me~

~Camillia give me back my sword~

Thanks. Now Richard, Time to give you a beating to remember