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Richard: You know what? I'm gonna need some help. ~whistle~ Come here Cerberus.

~We hear a howl followed by two more. We see the hound standing right beside Richard. The size of a lion and the heads of three Doberman Pinchers~

Victor: Uh-oh.

Joker: Oh crap.

Nyarl: It's gonna eat me I know it!

Claire: But it doesn't look threatening this time.

Hold on...there's something in the middle of his neck. ~I look closely~ Its a shock collar!!!

Richard: Yeah so?

It followed your orders prior but....why? It didn't do anything to you.

Richard: It didn't follow my orders to beat the living crap out of you and your friends. Besides I don't care what this beast thinks of me, I only want it to maul and devour you.

Cyrus: Why can't we enter the fight and kick this Richard dude's ass?

Darius: Its his fight and we're only here for support. But should it get out of hand we will be ready

~Richard gets out a device~

Richard: Cerberus! Maul him! ~points at me~ ~He presses the button and the hound is roaring in agony~

~I hold off their fangs and manage to take off the collar while receiving some of voltage in my body~

~it looks at me~ That look reminds me of my old friend.

Cyrus: Old friend?

Darius: I think he's referring to the dog that always followed him in our early adventures.

~Cerberus stands right besides me~ You know Richard. You gave me another reason to beat the crap out of you. Because of your abuse towards Cerberus, I will make sure that your death is long and painful!

*EDIT* I wasn't satisfied with the end result for Cerberus so I changed the design entirely