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(This will be the music for this battle so please bear with me with this one)

~The six of us charge at Richard. Kicking, punching, and (in Cerberus' case) biting him in the process until he falls over dead~

Joker: Did we kill him?

Claire: He deserved it.

~Victor looks at us~

Nyarl: We finally defeated that son of a bitch

Vice: Stepith! Guys! Something doesn't feel right.

Richard: ~blood is all over his body and he starts charging at us~

Camillia: Guys! Move out of the damn way!! ~they get out their guns~ Aim......FIRE!!! ~Their bullets soar like hellfire into Richard's body and he falls to the ground once more~

Mature: Luca, check to see if he's dead

Luca: ~grinning~ Yes mistress. ~he comes to Richard's body only to see that he's grabbed on to Luca's leg and throwing him to the ground~ Aww come on! ~he's kicked back to Mature~

Richard: It takes more than punches,kicks, fangs, and bullets to kill me! ~He takes out a syringe with blood inside it~ Thanks to my Mistress, I can finally use this gift.

What gift? You don't deserve any praise from no one!

Richard: That's where you're wrong. My mistress praises me for killing random people

Stepith: (That's not the Lilith I know and why would she have a psychotic madman at her service?)

Richard: I get praise for the things I do. I get rewarded for it and this is her greatest reward of them all ~he injects the syringe on himself~ Now I have the powers of the "Old Creatures of the Night"!!!! I will use them to kill you Stepith Bloodia!!!!

~His body transforms into a winged bat looking fiend~

Richard: I have the power of the ol-~the sun comes out~ Damn it. I just got this form!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!! ~he turns to dust~

Thank you. All of you, for coming to my aid. ~I look at this house~ So how about it guys? Should we take this luxurious mansion for ourselves?

All except me: Yeah!!!

Then prepare the move.

*EDIT* Stupid me and my mistake of not adding in the music