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~Cerberus walks over to Lilith~

You're not mind controlling him are you Lilith?

Lilith: I am not. Honest.

Cerberus, are you sure you can trust her?

Lilith: He trusts me Stepith as I'm his owner.

Why did Richard put a shock collar on him

Lilith: ~grabs on to a lamp~ HE DID WHAT?! ~breaks it in two~ That son of a bitch!!

Easy Lilith. I want to know why did you send Richard to kidnap and torture me for two weeks?

Lilith: ~Gasp~ Richard did it? I didn't order him to do such thing.

You are going to answer all of my questions in the den

~I gather everyone at the den while Lilith is sitting in an armchair~

*Imagine this but bigger, with more chairs, and a bigger TV*

~Rydia and Fenrir come down to see Lilith~

Rydia: Mother?

Lilith: Rydia?

~Rydia punches Lilith in the face~

Rydia: You have the damn nerve to send a psychopath to kidnap and torture father! Why mother? Why?

Lilith: Please understand I -

Rydia: Save it. I don't even know you anymore. ~a tear comes out of her eye~