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Name: Maa (translated from elvin it means Moon)

Birth-tribe: Wolfriders

Parents: Skywise and Shenshen

Age: She was born but a month before Ember and Suntop were. Unlke her two playmates, she was not in the palace when Rayek did his time jump, and therefore grew up as Venka and Tyleet's older sister.

Appearance: She has her father's white hair. It is much longer than his, and is tied in a ponytail at the far bottom of it. Her eyes is another thing she inherited from her father, as the love of the quiet nights. In everything else she is her mother's daughter.

Attire: Maa wears a dark blue suit with pink lines at the end of the bottom ends, but anything with these two colors works

Weapons: Sword

Role: Gatherer and tanning are the roles she has taken in the tribe.

Skills: Tanning, "sense of danger" and an eye for detail

Personality: Much like Venka and Tyleet, Maa has a sense of serenity around her. She cares much for her "younger sisters" and will protect them if needed.

Background: When the Wolfriders invaded Sorrow's End, there was two recognitions instead of just one. Skywise did not grab Shenshen like his soulbrother, which may be the reason why those two came to accept the recognition far sooner than Leetah and Cutter.

She was a dear friend to the twins. When she followed the wolfriders after her father and her chieftain, her "Sense of Danger" which is very similailar to Suntop's magic feeling started to show. Still she took a liking to Aroree and often stared at the Egg. She was convinced that it told a story, but when Ember or her father asked where this story started she could neither tell them where it begun or what it was about.

When Winnowill sent to Rayek, Maa's "Sense of Danger" kicked in. Forgetting to send, she simply ran out, bumping into Cutter. When Cutter was about to ask what was wrong, the Palace vanished. After this, she decided that she would never again loose panic, dertimitted that if she had sent to either Cutter or the warning of danger to his family then it would not happen. The rest of her time was devoted to her "younger" sisters, herb lore and tried to make leathers as fine as Moonshade

Fanfictions: None as of yet. Will be added when I have this.