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*My apologies if it has been late for me to post. "Issues" with making the stories at least good and experimenting with my style at Tree and Lobster. Schedule for it will be irregular until Winter Break where I could go back to the near daily schedule. Thanks for the views COA's been receiving. Thank you all for the support*

Rydia: Why did you vanish.

Lilith: Sweetie please. I didn't mean to disappear without telling you or your father

Luca: You people don't even look alike.

*BOP!* ~Luca falls to the ground~

That's because Rydia was adopted by Lilith and I Luca. And hold your tongue before you say anything else

Lilith: Otherwise you'll be socked to oblivion.

~Fenrir sits next to Rydia on the couch~

F.....never mind

Fenrir: Yes go on.

Rydia: I guess Father was going to tell you to get off the couch

Fenrir: And he expects I would get my fur all over it. Hmhmhm

*Sigh* go ahead Fenrir. I'm not stopping ya.

~Cerberus sits next to Lilith on the ground~

Alright Lilith. Tell us why you sent Richard to kidnap me?

Lilith: He was like a super obedient hound that took orders seriously and Richard took my thought of doing horrible things to you a bit literal.

Lyra: ~Has a coke bottle in her hand~ But what about Skadi. You sent her as well.

Lilith: She was Richard's wife. But....did you kill her Lyra?

Fenrir: No I did. I cleaned her head right off.

Camillia: Its true. We watched it all

Mature: I had Luca sweep the carpet afterwords

Luca: Yeah.....bitch *Swoink!* OAWWWWW!! My...ugggh ~falls to the ground~