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Lilith: I didn't expect a hound to kill Skadi.

You mean that bodyguard you hired Lyra?

Lyra: Yes. I was absent during that time.

~Fenrir is asleep while Cerberus looks on to the conversation~

You're not telling us anything Lilith. Spit it out! ~I grab Lilith by the neck and slam her to a nearby wall~

~Cerberus growls at me while doing so~

*Sigh* ~I throw Lilith across the room~ I need a drink.

Cyrus: Hey Dar?

Darius: Yeah

Cyrus: Something must have changed Stepith when Richard captured him

Darius: How so?

Cyrus: Don't give me that. We saw that brutal beating he gave that Richard creep. There was some kind of killer intent inside of him

Darius: Now that you think about it I have seen it in his eyes too. He seems to be more prone to violence like he used to back at Urbanville.


~July 18th, 2009~

*Darius:I remember it clearly Cyrus. The sidekicks were playing on the Wii and then Stepith comes home from robbing a bank*

*Cyrus: I remember we were tending to the coffee shop when Stepith comes in*

Stepith: ~bruised all over~ *pant pant pant*

Black King: Master! Master! Your home!

Stepith: Get away from me. ~smacks BK across the room~ I just need a bleedin drink

*EDIT: More of the Flashback will be added in another post*