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*Cyrus: Stepith was always like that back in the old days*

*Darius: Remember the Grand Cell Massacre?*

*Cyrus: Yeah. With that Raezaegan power he had, He was like a god incarnate. But he drank, smoked, and drank more and more with that power*

~Darius turns around to look at me sitting at the table looking at the group photo of me and the sidekicks~

*Cyrus: I think he misses them*

*Darius: I think he misses the good old days when he wouldn't give a damn about the world and its problems*

*Cyrus: And then came Rydia and how she entered his life*

*Darius: Don't forget Lyra, Lilith, among others*

*Cyrus: Should we tell Stepith our secret?*

*Darius: Nah. He can't hear us. Our thoughts are like a cloud of smoke to him. He can't hear it nor feel it.*

*Cyrus: One of the abilities that makes elves like us blessed*

*Darius: And the one ability Stepith Bloodia lacks*

Cyrus: Hahahahaha!

What's so funny?

Cyrus: Nothing Stepith. It was a joke that Darius told me the other day.

Oh OK, Carry on. I'll be in my room sleeping this off