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~The next morning~

~I drink coffee with Lyra while Rydia is playing with Fenrir. Runic is practacing his spells, Rukia and her friends are busy with Camillia studying magic, Cyrus and Darius are practacing, Luca and Weiss play poker, Gwendyne and Veldyne are nowhere to be seen, Mature and Vice are sitting outside alongside Lilith and Cerberus,the Monstrous Four are doing something unknown even to me, and the giants are sleeping~

*Cyrus: Lets proceed with the plan.*

*Darius: Roger. * ~takes out phone. Luca picks up~

Luca: Hello?

Darius: Proceed with "The Plan"

Luca: ~ends the phone call~ Weiss?

Weiss: Yeah?

Luca: Its time.

Weiss: ~Gets out a pistol~ Right.

*Cyrus: I think he got the message*

*Darius: Call the others and tell them to execute the plan*

*Cyrus: You got it. What are you gonna do buddy?*

*Darius: I'm going to add a "pal" to help us out*

*Cyrus: Fine by me*

~I watch Darius go outside~

*Darius: Here's my target*

*Cyrus: What Fenrir?*

*Darius: No. Cerberus*

*Darius:All I need to do is have this abomination come to me*

*Cyrus: Is it working?*

*Darius: Yes. This mutt won't know what'll hit them*

Lilith: I guess Cerberus likes the way you pat their heads

Darius: What can I say. I love dogs.

*Cyrus: Yeah real nice excuse*

*Darius: I had better excuses but this one was better suited for me*

*Cyrus: Riiiight*

*Darius: Did you tell them?*

*Cyrus: I sure did*

*EDIT* I forgot to add the Monstrous Four. I need to keep a cheat sheet regarding the loads and loads of characters