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Naturally I had to share... he is one of my favorites, after all. He is a beauty in this picture, even better than Wendy's in HY.

His annoyingness... hm. I might be terribly wrong and put to more dept into him than intended, but I think that there was many factors contributing.

- We did not see when he was put in wrapstuff, but very obviously he was. It must be quite a difference, from going wounded by war to wake up centuries later. Memory was fresh, and it wouldn't surprise me that he had the same difficulty as Ember did to realize just how long time it was.

- He couldn't go back to the Frozen Mountains. His way was blocked by the rocks which Ahdri shaped. No matter how many supplies he had, he would run out before he reached the desert itself. And to follow it a little more realistically than BB, that would have taken days, if not weeks. Most likely he would have been lost. Not to mention that the humans were drawing close. No one would even let him out if he ever brought it up.

- Everyone he knew was most likely gone.

- The only one we saw interacting with was Suntop. We do not know if this is because everyone was avoding him, or if he deliberately alienated himself from everyone. Shenshen certainly was, and he was having a crush on her... how early was this? We readers got to know it when they were in Forevergreen. Is it possible that it was already brewing in Sorrows End? Or was it a combination?

I don't know. I might be biased, but I do have memories of being homesick, outside those missing months. And I think he was just that.

Hope this makes sense. Feel free to think and answer me, I'm open for other viewpoints. Smile