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Child of Wolf and Tree
Wolf's Fern enjoyed visiting Bailon's Pass, the mountain range that isolates her tribe from everything else, these days. Not because she suddenly found an liking for Arehe or the rooks themselves.
It's the view to what lies beyond Bailon's Pass.
It's changed.
She likes change.
One wouldn't think it, but that Timeless like change as wall.
Bailon's Children, the boring and quiet elves that live as a tribe within a tribe, don't.
Wolf's Fern was a Timeless.

Wolf's Fern can hear them talking below.

When she was a child she would often ask the ancient ones about the Shortlings,something Maphara called them, they used to live with.
Little Sun would give her a look that spoke of a ancient hatred.
Marakka shrugged

Khistal taught her a mean song once.
She likes meanness too.
"They sing and they cry,Timmain! Why did you leave us to die? " Wolf's Fern sings at the white wolf.

Zharo, Merheen and Chenah remember the bright and good days.
They also remember the lessons the darkest day taught them and have passed it on to their children.

Bailon's Children don't have Bailon to tell them what to do anymore.
The old and kind High One died loooong ago, leaving his children to either die, struggle or join their mad and powerful cousins.
Bailon's Children are an tribe within an tribe.
Too weak and unwilling to fight with the world.
Fighting the world has become part of what the Timeless are.
Bailon's Children have come to abhor change while the Timeless abhor stagnation.