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Curse you, Curiosity...

The sea near the Cliffs of Jirora always looked inauspicious, cold and grim.

Millenniums ago Jirora, a Firstborn, had thrown herself off the cliffs to free herself from the the two mooned prison planet, leaving her two day old son to be raised by his fathers tribe, the Timeless.

Millenniums later her son, Res looked out over the sea that likely looked as gloomy as the day his mother stepped over the edge.
The brown haired elf's gaze traveled to the far off fog islands his uncle had been pestering him with the last couple of days.
"You still don't believe me?"
Speak of the tribe's demon...
Res turned to look at his now black and orange clad uncle as he made his way towards him.
It was an odd and somewhat jarring sight, seeing Beyond in something that wasn't purple and green. The blue-purple colour around his eyes was missing as well.
"Even after I've spent four days describing her?" Beyond went on with an odd smile. Res looked back at him blankly and kept silent.

The usual ever active trickster of the Timeless sometimes found himself stuck in dull and lazy mood that could keep him in a state of abeyance for a day or a decade.
Merheen said it was the price for all the plotting, chaos and tricks his great-great grand son spent his time on.
This time it had struck the trickster half a year ago.
His uncle tends to be so exhausted he doesn't complain about this dull mood.

"Did I forget to mention she has these odd little skulls she uses as jewelery? Weird little things. Round little skulls, two big eyes and only three very sharp teeth. Not something I've ever seen before."