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In a cage, spacious and grand, filled with flowers,small trees and a little lake sits a Preserver.
It hums and sings a tune so dark and mad it makes it's own kind happy it's in a cage.
Yipyap and Chatterbug fly by often and bring glowing flowers and pretty gems to brighten up the dark mind of the one who resides within a false world.

The Timeless all talk to it every day. Even the one who cannot stand the sight of the colorful beings.
They hardly ever get an answer from the one in the pretty prison. It hums and sings and speaks with words that hurt the mind of others.
They still visit it though.
Merheen hums along with it when he's near while Marakka tries to memorize every mean word in it's song.
Zharo asks what's worse; The World outside or the little fake world it's in now.
Darkfire has staring matches with it and remarks how similar it is to to her hellion son Beyond.
Beyond makes it giggle by telling it horrific stories.
Jarkaan makes it cheer as he grumbles about how he despises one of the Nine and puts curse upon curse on her name.
Dream-Whisper goes over what she should put in her next poison. Wolf's Bane or Man's Bane? Or both?

The other Preservers can't remember what it's real name is.
"Much Old-Much Angry-Thing" Applesnatcher calls it,miffed, while Chenah puts a small ball of bight metal into the cage. Two small, pale ice blue hands instantly size the ball and the flutter of wings can be heard.

The Timeless have several names for it.
'Bonegrabber' for it's hat made of small pieces of bone.
'Tatteredwing' for it's tattered looking white and dark blue wings.
'Madchild' for it's fondness of ripping the legs off bugs.
'Glow' for it's nearly luminous pale ice blue skin.
'Worse then Beyond' for being...well, for being worse then Beyond in one or two areas.

It sings and hums and waits for someone who doesn't bother to ask WHY it's in there and just smashes open the walls of it's world, thinking the Preserver is being mistreated.
They're sure to come. Riding on wolves and with Death in their blood.
Smash smash.
The Preserver in the false world smiles and puts a new piece of bone it's hat.
Smash smash.