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Rellah the High one, recognized different wolfriders and purebloods from Timmorn through Preypacer's day. I am thinking that pureblooded elf women can reproduce offspring for the majority of their lives; thousands upon thousands of years (if they live that long). Wolfriders and their various kin with Timmorn's blood, the women will eventually experience menopause or something like it maybe after Several hundred or one thousand years, all mortal women experience this. All men can reproduce until they die, no matter if they are 12 or 1000000 years old! So Lord Voll, had he lived, could have recognized a full grown Ember......YUCK.

On the age that wolfriders die.... it depends on the person, if there is disease (even purebloods can get disease),whatever. Graywing lived from Preypacer's time til the year of the big flood in Freefoot's day I will estimate she was between 2300- 3300. Longreach/Longbranch lived from Freefoots day til the Madcoil attack in Bearclaw's day.... Tanner was chief for over 800 years, let's say that is close to the norm..... He had to be around 3200-3600 years old easy, but he didn't have the chance to die from old age. No telling how long he could have lived. Weren't Woodlock, Rainsong, and Wing somewhere between 2500-4000, when they all died of old age?