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Since we have no idea how old Dodia, Bihtia, Krim, or Brill are, it's hard to say. Or, how old Winnie was when Two-Edge was born. Kahvi's technically considered to be immortal by the Pinis, and she was at least 7000 when she had Venka. That also answers another conjecture a previous poster had: Recognition isn't necessary for egg release and fertilization in elf females.

Yes, except... Winnie is a healer. It's already been established that a healer (Rain and Leetah did it) can cause fertilization outside of recognition. And Kahvi is a Go Back. Somehow, the Gobacks breed without recognition- they are different. Something about them changed. So these two are exceptions to the rule.

It's still likely that recognition creates fertility in females. Males don't seem to need recognition to impregnate a female (Skywise + Goback= Yun), but non-goback females seem to need it to be receptive.

On the other hand, the elves are aliens. So what happens with them may be entirely different than what happens with us. It may not have to do with eggs and ovaries at all. On the other other hand.. some mortal elves seem to experience menopause (which makes sense, since they are part wolf- and wolves go through menopause). So that suggests that there is a similarity between them and us... as in, maybe they do have eggs to fertilize.

Funny how we expect there to be a rule for this- and for that rule to make sense, according to how we understand biology. It's cool that the Pinis created such a believable world!