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-Rellah is alive and well.
-The Scream (I can't remember what it's actually called.) didn't happen.
-Palace get's un-grounded none the less. Goes to the Wolfriders and the Sunfolk to show it off and what not.

Pike scrambled for the nearest and widest tree he could find as heard rocks sailed through the air around him.

Why Cutter had decided to go looking for another elf tribe Rellah said had been neighbor to the Wolfriders in Timmorn's time, was beyond his understanding.
Especially since Rellah has also said the tribe had been both unfriendly,downright dangerous and had been hostile towards wolfblooded kin.

Longbranch had mentioned them once. He had thought them nothing more then a barely remembered dark myth.
Had the older elf still been around, Pike would gladly have told him they were very much real and and just as unfriendly, dangerous and hostile as they had been in Timmorn's day.

Earlier that day, The Palace and Wolfriders had come to an area fairly closed to the ruins of Blue Mountain, that was called the Shadowgrounds by the humans that happened to live there.
Rayek had tried to bring the Palace closer to one of the three gigantic forests that that marked the land.
But something had hindered it. No matter how much the dark skinned elf had tried to move the Palace further into the land, the Palace had moved from the cliff it had first landed on.

The elf squatting in front of him was clad in dark red cloths and regarded him with with bored and cold dark green eyes.

'That woman is crazy!'
'That happens to be my sister.'
'...Oh.Eh, sorry?'
'Oh no no. You're absolutely correct.'