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Name: Ekah (Stone's Light) Soul-name: Bohl Birth-tribe: Sun Village/Wolfrider Parents: Moonshade and Ahnshen Age: 534, born a year after Ember and Suntop (Final Quest age) Appearance: Brown skinned, a little darker than Ember. Black hair worn in many small elaborate braids, often put in a ponytail for convenience's sake. ( If the dollmaker doesn't let you use that hair but allows locks, then go for locks.) Yellow eyes from her father. Attire: Ekah stuck mostly to green and light gray while living with the Wolfriders at Thorny Mountain. In the short period she lived in Sun Village as an adult, she used orange and blue, with various scarves to protect against dust. She saved the other colors as night duds. Currently being on Venka's Quest, she is wearing brown with pink undershirt. She always keeps a pendant she stole from a troll in the Troll/Elf war. Weapons: Prefer spears, but is good at using knife/dagger too. Hates archery, but is surprisingly good at it. Role: Mainly a hunter, but being the daughter of Moonshade has given her a dair knowledge of tanning and helps when there is much to do. (Will be further updated when we know more of Venka's group) Skills: A good tracker, she is a very capable hunter. Personality: Ekah is usually a friendly spirit who goes along with mostly anyone. A misunderstanding between herself and Strongbow, interpreting his comments of Wolfrider supremacy as demeaning and passive aggressive insults against her. Interpiting this as criticism has made her very defensive whenever she thinks someone is coming with criticism, and this does cause tensions, as other elves think this means she doesn't trust them enough. Background: Ekah was born to Ahnshen and Moonshade a year after Ember and Suntop. She spent her years being very carefree and loving her life in the village. When Savah's spirit was captured, she was not very keen on leaving her father and the village. But it was not after Dart said he was going to stay that she considered that she could refuse. But upon looking at Strongbow's face she grew too frightened to say anything, and has since that felt scared of him. When the Gliders kidnapped everyone, she bolted right away, and ended up in together with was with them, and wasn't introduced to them before that. Had a lot of fun investigating the air tunnels. The other big thing that happened in her young life was in the troll/elf war. She got along with the Go-Back children, though she found them a bit serious. When the trolls attacked the lodge, she attacked back with ruthless energy. At one point she picked off a pendant she found at a dead troll, and has kept ever since, either at her side or around her neck. After the troll/elf war, nothing big happened in her life, before Rayek took them all to the Sun Village, and was picked to go to Thorny Mountain. This time she put a big fit, not wanting to go at ALL. She was forced to go though, and once again barely managed to not get kidnapped. This is also when her conflict with Strongbow escalated, as she slowly started turning her response from fear to anger. Despite this, she grew up mostly being a bigger sister for both Tyleet and Venka. After the Palace came back, she went to the Sun Village, staying there until the humans got back. After that she went with Venka. Was told about Chitter in sending by Sunstream, and is excited to see her little sister. Fanfics: None as of yet Images Thorny Mountain atire Sun Village (day and night)  photo ekahsunvillage_zpsf5715897.png  photo sleepingatire_zps40c24e38.png