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I'm called Feverfew by the Forest Dwellers.
I have several names, since nobody has managed to drag out off me the name my long dead parents gave me in the dark days.

My other names are Wayfarer, Yawn-Sloth Sleeper,Hide-Eyes and Bitterberry.

It's been ages since I used to be 'Bitterberry', though. Not since days of one named Tanner, have I bothered to be near those furthest removed from the High Ones.

By the rules of this world, and with time as his kind's enemy, he died long ago.

Time marches on and on and on at a steady pace.
It never falls, staggers or slows.
An rejected Recognition, however seems to be able to slow it down to a crawl.
Of course it just a trick of my mind and body, but it works annoyingly well.
Far to well, actually.

Thyle has come to my hut again. He's very agitated.
He's bemoaning the fact he didn't Recognize his beloved Krad.
He's wasting everybody's time.
He's espicially wasting MY time.

I had plans to go back to the Mistsingers.
I WANT to go back to them. They get so... annoyed with me and my wild appearance and make such a fuss over it that it becomes hilarious.

But of course, they're obsessed with making things match their elders oldest memories...
To them I look like their antithesis. What they dread could happen to them or their children.
What scares them most is the fact I'm just as old as them and just as pureblooded.

Their tanner, named Tohrana, will yell ''Girl, do you even remember what eyes, hair and face your parents gave you?! Or have your Selfshaping powers erased it altogether in favor of this beastly look?''
at me when I show up and she starts dragging me towards her stone hut to make me 'right looking' cloths, while the rest of the tribe flees in sheer terror of the angry and ancient tanner.

Now my plans are ruined because of the youth who's currently walking in circles on my floor while I just site and wait in pelt covered chair.

I don't mind Recognizing or bearing children.
I've done it plenty of times and I've never had problems.
Except with this one.
...No make that two.

There was that one elf maaaaany years ago, who I Recognized in the middle of the night, who flat out refused me because I apparently 'look like a mix between a wild animal and a barbarian'.

Now, I could just have proved to ham that I'm stronger then either by beating him into the ground, but I didn't particularly care about him, so I just told him I was leaving at sunrise, and it was up to him if he wanted to bring things in order.

He didn't take me seriously.

I think it took about 2 days before he actually realized I had in fact left his group's territory.
It took him nearly 8 days to catch up with me.

I remember thinking it was hilarious to see a once mighty, angry and arrogant High One look so broken and tired.
I'm not sure what's his name is any more.
Hagen? Hikan? Kaken?
Gah. Doesn't matter.

Now there's Thyle.
He was so...unlucky to Recognize me two days ago and he's not very happy about it.
Don't dare give me that look. He said it himself.

He even yelled 'You?!NO! Not you! I want to Recognize my mate!' at me when he finally realized what had happened.
If you ask me, I'm unlucky enough to have Recognized a youth the truly thinks Recognition is something brought on by love.
It isn't.
It's boiling blood and flesh screaming for another's flesh and demanding a roll or two in the furs.

Sure, Recognition can create or make love bloom in those it touches, but it's rarely love that sparks Recognition.

When it does spring from love, you're just damn lucky.

For one second, I find myself considering just knocking him out, tying him up and be done with it.
Then I slap myself on the side of my head for thinking about crossing one of the last lines I have left.
I'm not so annoyed or so far gone I'd go and do something that drastic.
Or human-like.

Thyle does notice the slap that nearly sends me flying out of my chair and stops complaining for a second to see just what in his ancestors warrior blood I'm actually doing.

'Eh...Why did you just do that?' He asks and raises an eye brow.

'Your.. endless complaining bores me, Thyle. I have to keep awake somehow.' I say, giving him the friendliest smile I can muster.
Not that I can muster much. Thyle's general nearness is making my blood sing and I'm likely to soon stop thinking about anything but him.
I had planed to just let the boy be until he'd come to his damn senses. But nooooo. He comes to me, not to answer Recognition's call, but to complain.
It's damn near impossible to steer away from him when when he's in MY damn hut, complaining about OUR Recondition to ME.

Oh and now he brings up dear little Krad.
I know I'm no long in absolute control of myself when I feel my nails turn into claws and I hear them dig into the tree the chair is made of.
Krad, Krad, Krad. He's brought her up countless times in the last two days.And I'm beginning to consider the girl to be my rival.
''Krad is my Lifemate! She's my soul mate!'' He said yesterday.
Recognition doesn't care about that,little boy. It never has and it never will.
My little boy for the time being.

I'm not sure what it is but something snaps me out of my downward spiral toward having only one thought...
....I wonder how Krad is taking this? Is she handling this better then little Thyle is?

Is she worried I'd twist her boy's head so much she get abandoned?
I'm almost sure I could.
I've been wandering on this world since the dark days.
I know ever trick that that can drive any man mad.
Stop complaining, and I'll drive you mad as wall, Thyle.
Shartos, I'll give Krad go too and drive her mad as well.
You know, I'll be nice and tell you to just think about Krad when you finally give in.
I'll be thinking about Beyond, Res and Caniko.

He took off.

For a second I'm actually surprised. I actually scared him enough to make him run.
Who'd have known? Shift a bone here and there, a flex of a clawed hand and -puff- off runs Thyle.

Thyle has annoyed me very much today.

I'm sure chasing him half off a cliff will make me feel much better...

The door's cover hasn't even closed before I leave my chair and take off after him.


Trees, rocks and other plants past wip by me while I search the ground, looking for Thyle's tracks.
Not that he's hard to track.
Footprint here, broken twigs and branches there.
Riv's yell of surprise and anger at nearly being knocked to the ground up ahead tells me three things.

One, Thyle is horrible at fleeing with outleaving tracks.
Two, Riv is going to beat Thyle to a pulp the next time she sees him and he's likely not getting anything to eat today if Riv has anything to say about it.
And third, today is going to get better.
At least, I think the third to myself as Riv throws an apple after the retreating Thyle.
She doesn't miss.