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The first thing they would have done was trying to grant their immidiate survival. Tending wounds, finding food, water and shelter. They would avoid to return to the place of horror for a long time. They had not expected violence, but admiration - considering the time frame they were supposed to land. They were shell shocked.

The Coneheads were explorers, that's true - but more on a spiritual, observing kind. There wouldn't be many Indiana Jones and MacGyver types among them. Even when there would be some skilled ones - they had to care for others.

And you seem to forget something - they were relying on magic. They were very surprised when their magic did not / hardly function on the WoTMs. Even sending could have been impossible over longer distances.

All Those are excellent points. Still there must have been some level headed Coneheads with common sense. Even given weeks or months of seperation of groups, and giving the pressures and trauma, I think it would have occured to one or two of the Coneheads that there may have been other survivors. I don't believe Cutter after 10,000 years was the first elf to think "gee are there other elves out there?" Also in the picture linked to by Vojira if the shadows were others THEY WERE WITHIN SHOUTING DISTANCE of the EightHeadbang I myself have zero survivor instincts and skills, but I hope I'd have enough sense to shout for possible help if I were in their shoes.