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All Those are excellent points. Still there must have been some level headed Coneheads with common sense. Even given weeks or months of seperation of groups, and giving the pressures and trauma, I think it would have occured to one or two of the Coneheads that there may have been other survivors. I don't believe Cutter after 10,000 years was the first elf to think "gee are there other elves out there?" Also in the picture linked to by Vojira if the shadows were others THEY WERE WITHIN SHOUTING DISTANCE of the EightHeadbang I myself have zero survivor instincts and skills, but I hope I'd have enough sense to shout for possible help if I were in their shoes.

well, the early wolfriders were busy being more wolfish then elfish and the remaining purebloods were busy dying off.
The Wolfrider weren't that fond of their pureblood cousins and they're unlikely to go look for any others since it to them just meant more 'weak and worthless' mouths to feed.

What precisely is it you want them to do? Go over and talk to Haken and the others?
Hear what they have to say? Get to know them by name?
That would require a longer story that is more focused on the High Ones themselves, not a story which's focus is to tell Rayek a thing or two.
Here they're background characters. Nothing more.