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You might be right, Vojira. Some people may see me as the ultimate shipper, and a little hypocrite because I'm also asking for more characters who have no interest in lovemating. (Basically an aromantic and asexual.) What really is starting to work me up to ridiculous measures isn't the fact that characters in work of fiction are having girlfriends or boyfriends. But the sad tendency that it is the villain or bad guy in a story is usually the one who ends up alone. You could argue that it is because the villains has bad qualities which makes them unable to uphold it, or that they are indeed unable to love. While it isn't unrealistic, it is that almost all of them are. Mind you, this isn't in ElfQuest alone.

Sorry if it sounded like a rant, but it has been fuming in me for a while.

To get back on topic, in a modernized world, where do you guys think Zey would be? Personally I can see him as a motorcyclist up to no good. He'd clash violently with the police. And perhaps he'd be the runner of an ElfQuest gang.