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Well this was certainly not something he had expected to happen.
Merheen thought to himself as he looked around to get a closer look at his captures as he was being rocked ever so slightly from side to side.
Getting captured by humans, tied to a-what was it called?-preystick?- and then be taken to the half-bests camp to get slaughter wasn't unheard of.
But getting caught by his own kind like this?
‘’ OUR KIND? THEY'RE ANIMALS!" A voice he associated with Chenah yelled in the back of his mind.
He was currently tied to a preystick, which was being carried by two very annoyed male Wolfriders while three others either rode along on their wolves or walked.
Merheen wasn't sure how he should feel about this.
‘’Insulted…No. Scared. Timmain’s offspring have obviously degenerated so much they have started to feast on those who had come before themselves.’’ The Chenah voice said darkly.
Merheen shook his head. He couldn’t have heard that right.
‘’They are going to eat you, Merheen. They’re going to slice your throat open, howl at the moons as it spills out and then they will pick your bones clean for flesh. ’
‘’Erh…’’Merheen said out loud, looking up at his tied hands with a now half worried expression.
The ‘Erh’ seemed to catch the attention of one of the men.
Chenah, if she could even get in a situation like this without first giving everybody involved a sound thrashing, would be furious and thinking up a thousand ways to get back at her captures and then go with the meanest and most painful punishment she could think off.
Zharo wouldn't end up like this at all. Any sign of trouble would result in a show of power or a thrashing.
Even if the trouble were others of their kind.

It couldn’t be long before they reached the shortlings camp.
He would rather not get eaten.
Think of something…get them to slow down…distract them…
"You know, if we ever got the Palace back and got it to fly again...you and the rest of Timmain's children would likely stay here." Merheen suddenly said as a memory from the past emerged from the depths of his mind.
That made the white haired hunter look down at him in puzzlement.
"What? Why?"
"Because you and your kind are tied to this world. I doubt you could stand to be anywhere else."
‘’I mean, your kind was born and breed to live and thrive here. It wouldn’t make much sense to bring your kind to the stars…’