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In the novels Bearclaw is very young when Mantricker dies.


A line of ten chiefs + Timmain and a total span of 10000 years does not fit together.


Tanner's chieftime was described as long and peaceful for sure - and he was described as very High One like. He was the only one who visibly aged - hair turning grey included. That's why I decided to make him very much older and grant him a overlong chieftime. (Yup, I know the Wolfrider's Guide says something about 800 years - this time I do not care about it! Had to fix this d*** chiefline somehow Tongue)

Yeah, having Tanner being one of the longest-running chiefs and having his time be 800 years doesn't make much sense when you consider 10000 years/11 leaders means an AVERAGE of 900 years per leader. Unless there were long chief-less periods that they don't talk about, or if the High Ones spent a REALLY long time sitting around doing nothing before Timmain took wolf form.

But, hey, they're immortal. Maybe it took them a good 5000 years to get their act together.

*Palace crashes*
1st 1000 years - Crap!
2nd 1000 years - "You feeling hungry?" "Yeah, I could go for something."
3rd 1000 years - "Damn, missed again! I am really getting hungry!"
4th 1000 years - Timmain - "Do I have to do everything myself?!"
5th 1000 years - "Yay! Food, warm skins, and ... children?"