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(This was inspired by 'Epic Rap Battles of History.' Please read it aloud.)

I can see you're in trauma. You manufactured that drama
Cus you couldn’t accept the sorry truth about yo mama!
And go ahead- call me queer, but what you say to me here,
Is just the overwhelming result of yo brains squeezing out yo ears

See you went into shock; your brain exploded. It was overloaded.
It couldn’t handle what it knew and fled.
Anybody else in your situation would be dead.
Look- it’s your brains on the floor!
Your mind is weak; it can’t take anymore.
It’s bad enough knowing yo mama’s a (mmm)…!

But what she did with your uncle...? Ooo!
That's an act you owe your life to.
But what good does admitting it do?
You don’t have the simple mind left
Of Winnie the freakin' Pooh.

T-hammer, here’s the slammer: It’s a sad fact, but true.
You're just a monkey in the human zoo.
But this dis was epic… and I just owned you.