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Kat said I could add something here and it wouldn't upset her own things, so here goes...

Here are the male and female bases for Deep Elves (Tidebreak's people)... and work-safe versions if you prefer... For those who don't know them they are deepsea dwellers who express emotion and language through bioluminescent patterns on their scales and fins. Check the link above for example.

What to do for this 'contest' is take the starter image(s) and make the color patterns. Whatever looks good to you (dont worry about what any of it 'means', I never do Smile ). Color however you want. Post what you do here. We'll see where things are after, oh say six weeks. To the end of November.

Bits and pieces:
- You can change the color of the outlines, but not redraw or alter their shape.
- You can add things to the figure (jewelry, belts, fish, weapons, etc), just don't take away lines.
- You cannot adjust the background color. These guys belong in the dark.
- You cannot alter the eyes. They are not glowing with their own 'eye color', just reflecting ambient light like Wolfrider eyes at night do.

I hope that's not too restrictive. Have fun!

EDIT: Photobucket threw up on me when I posted this. The images are now visible.