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Embala, your system makes a lot of sense, and it implies a couple things to me. If Recognition is detrmined by necessity on a community level, perhaps the community actually "decides" unconsiously on a psychic level what "makes sense" for the tribe, almost as though there is a mini Sunstream (non physical, just a way of looking at it) at work in the commu.ity. It makes me wonder how messed up Recognition could get if Suntop/Sunstream opens up the channels and combines all Elves into a global community.

The only issue I find is that it seems like the firstcomers/high ones had a difficult time initially, with Vol almost seeming to be an experiment insteat of a child, and the other first born being mixed blood outside the Elf race. Timmorn does fit as a necessity, though, after Timmain shows how useful her wolf form was. It also seems to me that the High Ones would have inown full well how thier race worked, and if it were possible, it would seem to me that they all had worked together so closely and intimately for so long, it would seem as though they might not even realize when there was a recognition.

Had another thought but lost it.

Another implication to me seems that this becomes a contributing issue with Trolls on board. Regardless of the method of reproduction among Preservers (recognition or genetic manipulation responsible for their apparent sterility), they were immortal and did not need to, but the Trolls have no method of population control onboard ship, therefore either they arent immortal (as I always though, and "immortality" or at least extreme long livedness developed around Old Magotty's generation) and their population was controlled by birth rate (either naturally or more likely by seperation of sexes by the cone heads) or they are immortal and the coneheads were dumping troublemakers out into space. Either way, once the prototrolls attained a certain level of understanfing aboit what was going on around them they would become bitter or enraged that they were not granted immortaility or treated so badly as to be killed off. Tying in with a different
Post thread, this too shows that their family ties were strong from before the crash, as they would feel the loss of each member (whether it be through old age or High Ones selection), and observe that the other servants of the palace never lost any kin. I can also see them being unwilling to give up procreation (growth of family), and therefore denied immortaility by the high ones out of
Necessity as living space was limited.