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A little black haired boy with bight green eyes ran down the snow cowered streets of a city his uncle had called 'Gotham'.
The black haired boy didn't care about the city's name or why his aunt and uncle had brought him there. He could understand why they had brought Dudley, his cousin, along. They always took Dudley with them on trips, while he got left with the Dursley's neighbor,Mrs. Figg.
They did everything for Dudley.
If Dudley wanted a specif toy in toy store they got it for him. If he wanted five other toys, he'd get those too.

Dudley's cousin, the black haired boy, who's name had hardly ever been used in the household, never got anything.
Hardly got any good food.Never got new cloths, never got any toys.
Not even for Christmas or his birthday.
He could remember when his birthday was actually.

'Look at you...'The green haired man said, putting pressure on the last word and began to walk closer to Harry, poison green eyes locking onto the small boy in front of him.
He brandish an rather small knife that to Harry, looked like a potato peeler.
'A child, supposedly the most loved, most precious to society. And yet, you're out in the cold, bleeding and bruised. '