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[Deleted User]

Hi all, and welcome to my messy den..oops, don't fall over now, the floor is full of things and pouches full of nuts and berries and herbs- also drawing materials...ok, so much for staying in charachter... :D

I deleted my ancient art thread and made this new one, for my new year's promise includes blowing the dust of my drawing and painting hobby. Stopping the Perfectionist Ready-Made-Artist from spoiling the good old-fashioned, dazzling, mind-liberating, belly-bubbling FUN of making pictures.

So, every now and then, you might get something in here.

My new encounter with the third kind called "pastel pencils" was engrossing and intense and inexplicably wonderful. I got a pack of those from Santa and was doubtful at first...pencils and pastels..merged? weeeeriiiiiiiid...But those turned out to be just the weird pencils for the weird me Smile I LOVE them. Only lousy thing is that since they're pastel they won't last too long...Tongue
So, here's what new year and new pencils brought with them(though topic is very much the same old as ever <grin>):


EDIT 13.10 12 I changed this to thumbnail size. I don't like the picture at all anymore, but have made a pact with myself as not to delete anything once published anymore. If you want to see it bigger tell me and I'll pm it to you.

Colours look bit off, in reality they are more saturated and tad darker, but still, have fun!

EDIT:I call this "what if Moonshade was human"- for all proportions are anything but elfish...will try elfin Leetah next, actually using reference pictures- this was a spur-of-the-moment work, with no reference- thus the human look and absence of curls. I only noticed that now myself. Headbang3 But most important of all, I had fun drawing her Smile
Wolfie, thank you for your beautiful comment Hug /end edit