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I agree!

I saw some pretty nice light displays this christmas and thought it might be fun to do something like it next year. Most are just houses dolled up in lights that fade or flash to music (look up 'lightorama' in your favorite search engine, or youtube). Goatbiter and I are going to try to work up a little cheaper alternative using Arduino controllers ($35 vs $400). Im just notreally keen on just plainly outlining the house when there are so many other options. There are some that did halloween lights with the same system, and this thread got be back to thinking about it. A house with illuminated point ears, flying vampire-like elves, and Trolls might be a thought.

Of course, our house is quite a ways from the road, so Id thought Id make a wireframe of whatever shapes I was going to do. Would hardly be visable from a distance but at night it would be just fine.

Dont kniw if a palace would quite be understood, nor an egg (at least until the movie comes out) but a 'standard haunted house' populated by elves and trolls would be fun.