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Well, im currently bitten by the EQ Game Bug again, AKA: "Im bored and want to have something new and EQ related to do, but dont want to dump everything Ive worked on the last year, so Ill roll it all into one thing" bug.

So, Im posing the question again: anyone interested in a game? What do you want to see in one (what would make you want to play)?

I keep seeing posts on other areas of the internet: "An Elfquest MMO would be awesome!" but few have actually made suggestions toward such an endevor.

Ill be recompiling the various discussion threads (this one and the "card game" threads). As well as trying to find more on other forums on this topic. Any other threads or info you know of on this topic would be helpful.

Years ago, there was a PDF of a proposed Elf Quest MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Roll Playing Game, like Rift or World of Warcraft). I am trying to find that again if anyone knows where it is.

Does anyone know anything about the Elf Quest MUD that was around many years ago? It was called "two moons MUSH" but doesnt appear to be active anymore.

Finally, as to how the game would look to the people here: I dont know if it would necesarily be hosted on this site, but the game engines I have been looking at are free to use commercially, and other than permissions from WaRP appears that it will be free. currently, unless others have better ideas, after looking at some of the games produced similar to this and comments on this thrrad and others, im looking at doing a social/ adventure type shell, where various rolls will be allowed, and various dynamics will parallel that found in the story, however certain liberties will be taken to keep things rolling.

As Im forgetful, im jotting down a few notes. Feel free to comment.

Recognition: an equasion will be set up based on the character's history, race, activity, interactions, and other things that will determine if recognition is flagged in a given interaction. Mind you, racial and tribal differences will cause the "recognition" to appear differently (humans and Trolls dont recognize, but a modified version of this equasion will determine if offspring can occur)

Not certain, but with as small of a group as I would guess would play (less than 100), it might be possible that at a certain point new members would be "born" into the game, as a result of the recognition part mentioned above. The only issue will be that this requires (to a small extent) player input and we dont want a new account to take more than 24 hours to be playable. (some delay is necessary, for screening purposes, but not more than 24 hours should be necessary). one way to control this is that at least one pair might be recognized for every tribe (race), but a 'birth' only occurs when an nee member signs up for that tribe (race), or NPCs might have to fill the spaces if all else fails.

Generally, any player can do any thing within limits of their chosen character. They can play games, complete quests (such a a Digger Hunt), or whatnot to gain expirence, which they can develop their character with.

Not sure if Magic will be random like recognition, or selective, but once a character is generated it is set in stone (no do-overs). Skills or magic can be developed over time, though, and 'neighboring' abilities might become available later on. Additional abilities might be awarded later as well. (example: Troll starts out as a miner, but after increasing his mining ability might be able to also prospect, explore, or process ore. A healer might learn to shape their own flesh or the flesh of others, or learn to heal other races)

Most abilities will be available to most races /tribes in some form or other, though it might be in physical variants of magical abilities (and vise versa), according to rules similar to those described in the Eragon book series: Magic requires the same effort to do something as the task would take by other means.

A way to look at it would be a split between what I understand Second Life and Rift to be, though I cant be too sure of that.

As the game is intended to be free, and characters' initial abilities are fixed, a person is not going to be limited on the number of characters they can generate, however there may be limits as to how many characters are allowed to be played at one time, and if characters can die (permanantly).

If characters are not forced to be able ti die (as in no start overs if you die in a quest), a setting might be allowed: "allow my character to die"or "kill character" as a way to 'delete' characters. As the game might end up laying out as a story (a 'scroll' will be availible to read by anyone), character death would be a natural progression. Death as a dynamic is a key feature that needs decided on (allow a character to die in a quest, respawn and try it over again, or you get one shot, and if you die that character is dead according to racial ability (preservers might kot be able to die but cant do much, Elves go to the Palace when they die, Humans and Trolls might be remembered in song but they are pretty much just dead). Depends on the rest of the game.

Even if death is final, i fugure quests (and other things) should have a range of difficulty and a range of danger (or non-danger, for that matter, a digger hunt has no implicit danger), and also a range of goals and prizes (loot) for completion, but rarely should one be fatal, except in the modt extreme of cases, when a player should kniw better. In other words, there will be an 'out' (escape) if it becomes obvious you arent going to complete a quest.

Quests will vary in goal, difficulty, and whatnot based on the current state of the game, and number of players attempting a goal.

Not Quests arent the only thing a player will have to do, nor will a player have to completr quests, they are just an example. A character can simply just ' stay home' or run a shop or whatever (depending on how much time I have to put rolls together. It also depends on how much 'from scratch' the game engine used is, if that makes sense.

If anyone knows of open source (GNU) doll maker software for character making, post lonks.