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First off, after re reading the thread one more time, I hope that when a movie driven game is developed the company reads this thread. So many good ideas and points!

That said, my goal, posting here for no better reason than I didnt want to start another limp thread and this one seems to have died, is to just have some fun with learning game design, and want it to benifit the EQ fandom if it can.

Therefore Im not even going to attempt to worry about mind blowing graphics. If Im lucky I might get some good custom areas (father tree, blue mountain), and vaguely recognisible characters.

Still researching engines, but isometric cell shading is looking promising, mostly because of the cross platform support and ability to be played through mobile devices (one has facebook support!)

As such, not super duper graphics. Sorry!

One feature Im looking at is having a zelda-like interactive world map, with zones that can be entered with higher detail (as if zoomed, but in cell shading it just takes you out of the world map and puts you in a zone map).


lets face facts here Unhappy
if eq was made into a game nobody but eq fans would play it. Unhappy
that means that the game company would lose money and there would be no eq game 2 Unhappy

besides balders gate:dark allance, balders gate:dark allance 2,and champions of norrath. are just too good to compeat with. :D

With this in mind, my attempt would probably target a group of no more than the active membership here (such as it is), and Im sure not much more than that would even see it, but Im taking it as a challenge anyway.


Well. This was my analysis.

Anyone else ready to try and present here his/her way to make a console (or PC) game based on Elfquest ?

In order to make it a commercial success ?

In details ?

Shade and sweet water !

As nothing has yet been developed and Im more knoledgable about how to build something physically for cheap than able to devine game selling, Im not able to comment, other than lots of advertizing. I usually only hear of the really awesome things via word of mouth these days.

That said, I want somehing around, so Im not concerned with selling anything, and perhaps some things might suffer because of that.




What? I was looking for map playable with WC3: TFT !

You've got a PM, Arthis...

Cant remember why I tagged this, other than to check it out when I get to a computer....

I dont know why I didnt make an EQ related AoE map back a few years ago, I so enjoy map making!

EDIT: After seeing the entry post, I saw I was going to lol at the smily about not feeding the trolls. It's a good idea. We sometimes bite the hand that feeds us, unless we are REALLY well fed and there's gold to be had....


I guess I just can't really stomach modern video games. Neither space marine zombie grit nor anything that looks like anime in any way, nor first person perspectives. *brr* It just doesn't give me a sense of, dunno, scenery... everything's coming at me from every direction and I'm glued to the middle of the world and I can't even tell how far away it is and, eep.

Which I suppose explains why my newest console is an Atari 7800 and my newest purchased game is Myst III. Hey, it had that chirpy little bunny creature, and wave sounds. (I dunno what else the game was about, never got anywhere)

As for what I do like: games with a story - and where you can actually affect and manipulate the world around you and not just kill it when it attacks...

Items and characters in the world that are unique and generally exist for a particular, plot-relevant purpose, even when they can be misused creatively...

...like using a teleportation spell to shoplift - or a pickaxe - or a dog trained to fetch Wink. Well, yes, the shop would have to actually exist as tangible game-world objects. Don't just give some crummy old menu, give me the thing itself and let the laws of in-game physics work it out.

What I've always been hiding from: multiplayer games. When I do play games (and that's almost never) it's to get AWAY from people Tongue... and somehow I've felt that the "snowglobe" appeal of a pristine artificial miniature universe is missing when there's too much OMGWTF and squishy messy human role-playing.

I'm not sure about what you can do in a multiplayer game, and how. By typing that you do it? That would not, for example, help a lot with world-changing events like the transformation of Blue Mountain into a giant floating Egg. Those things would have to be built in, no?

But is this possible at all - a massively multiplayer adventure game? Wouldn't that mean every player would have to have New Moon, complete with the key? The status of Two-Edge's lair would have to reset itself every time a fresh player entered... Aroree would abduct endlessly replenished supplies of Windkins while simultaneously flying across the vastdeep or haggling with Winnie or weeping for Skywise...

That would be a horrible mess I imagine; at the very least it'd necessitate that every play-through be planned in advance with nobody joining in later...

I can't see how to make that work, anyway. The players would instantly dismantle the plot and then there'd be, I dunno what left. Zwootherding and human-shooting? Or pretend-play with graphics, but no integration into the mechanics of the gameworld? E.g.: you could act out a recognition in chat or with gestures, if available... but if it's not built into the game then you might as well write emails about it... no, I guess I'm not getting it. How do MMORPGs work? What kinds of story can take place there?

And are there any non-massively multiplayer games? I could picture that. Five or six players queue up on a server, picking available characters from the books or creating their own, and then play through a tightly plotted adventure together. That might work for "everything-changing" plots like those of EQ.

My approach is planned to be different, and with a very small targe audiance it might just work:

The world will still have a lot of objects, places, events, and whatnot as usual mmos, however, you could technically wander around and do yoir own thing if you want without anyone, or go to a village or holt and socialize with others, or go on quests or what have you. Each 'goal', if you pursue them, will end up being different each time you visit it based on your history and the history of the world. Shoot, take Blue Mountain for instance: the 'main characters' in which ever branch of the story visit the location well over a dozen times, and its in various states: origional, destroyed, rebuilt, Lord Voll's kingdom, Winnie's domain, Egg's nest, Madcoil's lair... And that is just one location, with history in between!

personally, however, Im less interested in reliving the rote plot I read five times in the books and perhaps will see in the movie, and more interested in either filling in the 'in between times' and the 'what ifs'. with 21000+ years of history to play in theres a lot of material.

Still, you point out some achillies heels of most MMOs: boredome with doing the same thing over and over again. Most have two dynamics that sort of help with these issues: Server resets and expansions/updates. The guys i work with are heavy gamers and so i hear a lot about what they like and dont like about certain game mechanics, and how boredom can kill an MMO (of course the same holds true for all games)

Still, my plan is to just make the world itself interactive and changing by itself, which will conversely make it impossible to do-over, which some people might not like (but it doesnt appear that EQers feel that way).


Haha, I suppose he is - but no, that's not what I meant Wink Besides, I don't want to be Pike. I'd rather ruin old Winnowill's reputation!

This quote loses meaning out of context, but basically what I was going to get at was I was going to make my game so that any player could play any character, including made up ones. Each character would start out young (birth, perhaps), and have the same opertunities available as it had origionally (so you could play the storyline to a degree if you wished), or you could play an OC with different talents (Cutter with a bow? Kahvi with a sword like New Moon?), or generate a fanfic character with OC talents (a strongbow like character, but born in the desert and named Yan). the game basically becomes the story of your character's life. You want to shame Winnie with Pike? You can try! At least that will be my intent.


MMORPG are a whole new lot of games, so why not a special Elfquest one, but the main point of this thread is exploring and discussing WHAT KIND of game would attract gamers to Elfquest games & stories & more...

[quote:0c2a90d6a1]I shall now retire to my corner[/quote:0c2a90d6a1]
In details, with explanations, so pleeeeeeze don't flee !

For instance, would a MMO-player tell us what in a MMORPG suits him/her the best, and what he/she regrets about the very concept and the way it's really played ?
How the game interest could be raised ?
Why would it be better than a console ( PS2 or anything else ) game ?

These days, this question has lost SOME meaning, in that most games are now cross platform (can be played on PC, console, handheld devices, and even as plug ins to a social networking site), so in a sense "what kind" is vague. An MMO is a kind of game, as is an RPG (there is a distiction, as there are MMOFPS as well as MMORPGs, and many in between.) In this case Im looking at making a small scale multiplayer interactive social environment with some general plot (perhaps an expirement that the plot is semi generated by the players, in a cause/effect sort of way, like an RPG in a way, but not a 'go here kill this or take this' sort of way.

Back to your post, if you care to: could you give examples of what you mean? I know you are trying to see what others come up with, but for me its like asking me what I think the sky should look like: I could answer with a color, a tgpe or quantity of clouds, a type of weather, discribe wind, and you might be asking what kinds of constillations should be seen.


Use Flash! Ninety-eight percent of PCs have it installed, the system requirements are very inclusive, and Flash is an excellent development platform. The limitations Flash places on the nature of the game -- simpler gameplay and graphics -- would make it stronger, I think.

As I said before, almost all the other ideas we've had here, cool as they are, imply "Elfquest: The Transitory Cutting Edge AAA Release That Only Works On Windows PCs Bought In The Last Year or $600 Game Consoles."

Amen! Fortunately, since that post there are many ways to develop a game that is cross platform without being limited to flash or java that a console might not play. These are still options for display I might consider, but not limitations.

Platforms are not limitations anymore either. I found a multi-platform, handheld device and facebook app compatible engine already that is free to use (open source, no cost). It is lacking in graphics capability, though (you might be able to see what color clothes your character is wearing, maybe see enough detail on his or her head to make out race. Worse than I want to consider in that respect but that also means less time to take developing images for everything.)


I agree a text based adventure would lovely, and at one point there was such a Text based game: Two Moons MUSH- but it sadly is 'dead' at the moment, we need to bring back games like that.

Found that (or dead links to it, at least) looking fir off site suggestions for my game. Anyone want to discribe it more in detail?

(side note, the fact that so much activity such as this has died out online is one of the driving reasons for my effort here. So many dead links to old fan activity. Anyone want to PM me with reasons why this is, and why I seem to have got involved with EQ online when everything was winding down?


I don't really care to be the hero, but I'm into exploring artificial realities/interactive narratives. Having these things depend on people seems to remove the very qualities that make games interesting to me.

My idea might allow for this. In a way, though, while we have some main charactera, almost everyone in the story if Elf Quest is a hero in their own way, and almost every chqracter is support as well. Look at Cutter, which is considered to be the main hero to some readers: he is about as humdrum of a support character as it gets in the story! He doesnt have Pikes storytelling ability, Strongbows accuracy, Leetah's healing, rock shapojg, gliding, far sending or going out... He has some large amount of will, but other than that he is no stronger than the other elves... But he still makes a large impact and helps everyone else. Skywise might have slightly more 'power' in that he has an interest that exists outside the tribe: stars. Cutter is simply a surviver that cares, and would have been content to live out his days in the forest if fire hadnt pushed hin out.


Funny, because it reminds me of a very early game on Amstrad - a time when all games were either simplistic action or exploring screen after screen with text action, here : the latter style - :
To get past the very first screen, it took my brother and I THREE MONTHS, because we didn't speak English very well yet and the first scene was on a ship's deck and we really were at loss at what sentence was to be typed to get further...

The sentence was : "CLIMB DOWN LADDER"

<img src="/social/file/pic/emoticon/default/surprised.png" alt="Surprised" title="Surprised" title="v_middle" />

Had a similar experience with Space Quest: the whole family tried everything we could think of and couldnt get more that 7 of 202 points, and never got off the ship before it blew up.


Here's a demo for an "it might actually get finished" Elfquest computer game. It's unplayable (though Cutter, the player character, is in there, if you wait a few seconds), and it needs performance tweaking badly, but it's a good illustration of what you can knock together with Flash in an hour or two.


The idea is basically a simple sideways-scrolling hack and slash with some light RPG elements, based on the silhouettes-in-the-dark-forest theme.

Going to check this out when I get ti a computer. Sounds like the effort Im going to do. Any word of what became of this project?


I think it would be a great idea, but how much is involved in "throwing together" a game?

Look at the above quote, Im hoping that it wont be too horrible. But an adventure in itself!