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Basically, everything that you see in Elf Quest will need to be generated as an image in the game.

This means everything from trees and rocks to characters and animals, from the Father Tree to Blue Mountain, from a game trail in the forest to a mining tunnel underground... everything needs generated.

I'll be making a list here of all the things than need drawn/made. Post if you want to do some particular thing.

I'll use the next post to show examples of pixel art textures and screenshots of the game engine (keep in mind that the screen shots are of the default example game it comes with, not what we are doing. This is to referance the view we are going for.)

Graphics are considered "top down" as far as the game is concerned, but will be drawn "semi-isometric", meaning it will be drawn as though viewed at a high angle above the item, roughly 45 degrees. This way the playing field (map) won't look too distorted as the character moves around on it, but you can still see character's faces.