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Let's see what I've gathered somewhen back in time Smile
Any additions? Oh - and some order might make sense, too. Alphabetical? Other suggetions?
Anyone who knows first-hand please approve or correct the list.

I have linked those we actually have seen to the Recognition scenes ... or wherever it was revealed.

italics = soulname mentioned in BotCs novelization only
Many thanks to DJAF for the extra informations about relationships and chief times! And the the names from the novelizations should be as correct as possible now.

The differing soulnames result because the early elves often have to search for it and only found parts of it. Or different parts found by someone else. And last not least they are simply inconsistencies due to different authors.


Sunstream - Klynn
Ember - Zheel
Cutter - Tam
Skywise - Fahr
Redlance - Ulm
Nightfall - Twen
Dewshine - Lree
Scouter - Jial
Tyleet - Sohn
Eyes High - Koei
Shale - Zash
Strongbow - Wyl
Moonshade- Eyrn
Dart - Dyrr
One-Eye (Woodhue) - Sur
Buckthorn - Prye
Hummer - Wirr
Finder/Bluestar - Blyw

Bearclaw - Grenn / Renn
Joyleaf - Dehl
Goodtree - Neme
Lionleaper - Lleyn
Acorn Songshaper - Mergin / Mirj
Tanner (Oakroot) - Lhu
Stormlight - Myr

Skyfire - ... really not revealed?
Dreamsinger - Kyr
Two-Spear (Swift-Spear, Spear) - Marr
Graywolf - Vrenn
Willowgreen (the 2nd) - Tyrr
Prey-Pacer (Prunepit) - Owm / Genrow
Wreath - Aiyse

She-Wolf - Rahnee
Valloa, New Wolf - Murrel
Timmorn Yellow-Eyes - Timmorn ... no idea whether this one counts

All the cublings of Rahnee and Zarhan were called "Brighteyes" first:
Brighteyes (Brighteyes I) - Penda
Cat (Brighteyes II) - Mar / Mara
Ice / Wolfrider (Brighteyes III) - Tyr / Tirak
Kree (Brighteyes IV) - Kree / Kreanne
Prunepit/PreyPacer (Brighteyes V) - Owm / Genrow
Fowler (Brighteyes VI) - Fowler

Another set of ancient Elves and early Wolfriders from the novelizations:
Dove - Eval ... older sister of Two-Spear
Laststar - Surlin ... sister of Rahnee
Lightfeet - Orn ... Lifemate of Cat
Rushwater - Cha ... found orphaned, probably from The Hunt, lifemate of Ice
Slowthrower - Bur ... Lifemate of Cat
Willowgreen (the 1st) - Darrell ... pureblood; only survivor of Ice's splinter tribe
Windwhisper - Chat ... member of Prey-Pacer's and Two-Spear's tribe

Anaya - Anaya ... daughter of Zarhan with Chesiri
Jerem (?) - Jerem ... part of Ice's splinter tribe
Plenty - Kara ... child of Ice and Rushwater
Olwun (?) - Olwun ... part of Ice's splinter tribe
Tamsen (?) - Tamsen ... part of Ice's splinter tribe

Other old Wolfriders - not sure at all about those
Echo - Tyu

Original Wavedancers

Ailsa - Kye
Barmek - Lyr
Raenafel - Zoh
Jormak - Kryb


Sun-Toucher -> Anatim

Not actually a soulname because Sunvillagers are not supposed to have one, but Suntoucher's original name was revealed in the Recogniotion scene.