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Hello Elfquest fans! My name is Jeremy Head and I have been an Elfquest fan for more than two decades. A while back I came across a thread discussing the idea of creating an elven language for the Elfquest series based on the various language snippets seen throughout the series, as well as based on the names of various Elfquest characters. While some effort was made it seems that the project lost steam. I want to pick up where others left off and I am currently writing an Elfquest language manual and dictionary. Thus far I have identified nearly 300 potential Elfquest words, most of which relate directly to character names. I have also started identifying language mechanics based on this information. It is a long, analytical process but I find it very enjoyable.

While I would continue this project alone I would love for some help! I want to hear from as many of you as possible with regard to your opinions on what certain words and names mean. It would be even better if these opinions were based on evidence found within the Elfquest stories. While I think of myself as fairly knowledgeable about the Elfquest universe I know there are many of you who know much more than me. I would very much appreciate your help.

I am making spreadsheets featuring character names and Elfquest words, and will make them available to view and copy. If you like what you see, use it to make further suggestions on the meanings of yet-unidentified words. If you disagree with translations or meanings I have attempted, write a note explaining why and offer evidence. While I have some background and training in linguistics I am certainly not a master and I would love to hear from others so we can try to get this project moving. Perhaps we can conduct our discussions about theories and opinions in a forum at www.elfquest.com.

I will also provide notes on some language mechanic theories I have collected so we are all on the same page. Again, some of these theories might be right. Many of them are possibly wrong. Many of the meanings I have assigned thus far are simply place holders so I can resort to the old “guess and check” method when no other method is available. If you find some evidence for or against, let me know. You can use my word list to begin your own analysis.

For example:
From my list you will see that EK means “ROCK” or “STONE”
From my list you will also see that AR means “SKILL” or “SKILLED”
U means “HIGH”
Therefore UAR means “HIGH SKILL” or “HIGHLY SKILLED”
The meaning of UAR can then be loosely translated as “MASTER”
And this works perfect for EKUAR (ROCK MASTER). Do you agree or disagree?
Now we have the words for U, AR, and EK. So we can continue our analysis on character such as Yurek, Aurek, Aroree, Kureel, etc. From there we can move onto characters such as Reevol. Then we will uncover the meanings of other words and names. And so on…and so on…

Some rules about this project I would like to propose:
• We are all joined by our passion for Elfquest and so we all need to respect the opinions of others at all times. We don’t always have to agree but lack of respect for each other just won't fly.

• Any word, name, meaning or language rule can be changed if evidence is given and the project reaches a general consensus. We are trying to make this language as complete and accurate as possible. If we make a mistake we can always come back and correct it.

• Wendy and Richard Pini hold final approval of all Elfquest words, names, meanings and language rules. Additionally, they maintain all trademarks and copyrights of any final products. This doesn’t mean we can’t be creative, it simply means that our choices need to accurately reflect the language evidence found within the Elfquest series.

So, let’s dive into those Elfquest books again and start finding some meaning behind all of the Elfquest names and words we love. I look forward to hearing from you.

Shade and Sweet Water,
Jeremy Head