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Interesting question, MultiMEDEA. For those elves with the power to "send" I believe their vocabulary is more limited because any confusion in meaning can be clarified. For those elf groups like the Sun Folk I think they will have a much more developed vocabulary as their communication would rely entirely on verbal communication. Also, elf tribes would have more refined definitions for things common in their environment. For example, the Go-Backs may have ten different words for snow to describe various types (pack, powder, dry, slush, etc.) while the Sun Folk may only have one word for snow and it might be a less refined concept (as they rarely see it, if ever). I do not see this as an alphabetic language in regard to a written system (for which there is none, to my understanding). So the language is all verbal and phonetics, syllables, etc. are very important. I am wondering how the elves are influenced by "genetic memory" and to what degree. The fact that the Sun Folk and the Wolfriders both independently gave Sorrow's End the same name might signify that elves will think "no-humps" are "no-humps" because that makes the most sense to the way elves think. Not sure, just something interesting to think about.