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Yanclae, thanks for the encouragement. It reminds me only that those afraid of failure do absolutely nothing. I choose to take the path less traveled by...and I'm sure that will make all the difference. It has so far. But to respond to your statements:

Firstly, discussing "plausibility" is really irrelevant considering we are discussing science fiction. Anything is possible in science fiction, probably why we like it so much.

To address how articulate this language is or might be I don't think anyone can judge a thing like that at this point. I'm still writing the manual which I am sure will go through countless revisions. Even the Oxford dictionary does this. Constructing this thing is not an easy process. If it were as easy as saying, "Oh, this word means X" then I would be done by now.

As for this language being as developed as the language created by Tolkien I would have to agree with you at the current time. Tolkien spent years developing his languages and was a professor of linguistics. I have spent less than a month on this currently and I have no degree in linguistics. That doesn't mean this language CANNOT be developed, however. And because I find this work interesting and enjoyable I will continue to develop it. If you consider it a waste of time then I suppose that is entirely your problem, not mine.

In regard to "discovering" an elven language...I'm not sure I totally understand your meaning. Tolkien’s language was entirely fabricated with elements taken from Latin (the root of all romance languages) and other languages. So, his language wasn't "discovered" either. It was entirely fabricated. For this language I am working on I have taken elements from Latin, Russian, Romanian (yet another romance language) and, of course, English. I have also been looking toward Arabic to solve a few structural problems but it hasn't been very helpful yet.

And if Tolkien heard his languages "through telepathy" then I am certainly operating at a great disadvantage because I possess no such wonderful gift. I have to do everything the good, ol' fashion way which is through hard work.

So, thanks for your interest, comments and support. I wish you all the best.