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Hello, DJ Immortal Hands. In my list I have Sun listed as "ana" which is close to "ah" (which I was using to express "light"). "Shen" I have marked down as "Lucky". "Ahn" is the word used to express "partially" or "a piece of the whole". In this way Ahnshen is named "Partially Lucky" or "Half Lucky" which I think leads one to wonder about an interesting back story. I didn't select the meaning for "ahn" as it was contributed by another EQ fan in a list I received. I think it works well. I have not yet selected a word for "shine" or any derivative of it yet. "Ann" is close in meaning, meaning "very bright" or "blinding". (ANA [IS] ANN = The Sun is Bright/Blinding). Note here too that there is no definite article (THE). Again, these are just my words and selections. Your meaning for SHEN could work too, so Ahnshen would mean "half shine" or "partial shine" (I think a name meaning "Half Lucky" is slightly more interesting personally, but that's just me). SHENSHEN would then mean, according to you, SHINY SHINY which would be a good description of her personality and there is no reason that it couldn't work. You may be completely right. Let's look for a few more examples and see if we can decide on a meaning. If you like a different word or meaning please feel free to adjust them and explain why (I don't care about personally being right, I only care that the final word list is viewed as accurate). Many of the EQ words I have listed came from other people. I do like the way you are using the words to come up with words for "gold" and "sun". It seems the elves have (and would naturally have) different names for the same thing. The Sun Toucher also calls the sun "the day star" (a meaning which we completely understand). Skywise, in book 1, had never heard this name and so he says (paraphrasing), "Wouldn't it be amazing if all stars were suns?" We are certainly thinking along the same lines. Send me an email at jerms15@hotmail.com and I'll be sure to get you a full name translation list and word list (as complete as it is). You can go from there. Again, please feel free to tell me I'm wrong if you think I am. My feelings don't get hurt. Just please be prepared to defend the answer with examples from the text (if there are any examples). Accuracy is the only consideration here. Things will naturally progress as things develop. For example, your meaning of "shenek" is great except that I don't think it can be used for a proper name because you'd frequently confuse it with "silver" (which is also a shiny rock). So, you could say "[Gold is] shen ek" (we'll get into adjective and noun placement and language structure later) and that would work perfectly (in my opinion). I certainly appreciate the note and I'll be looking into SHEN as well when I have time. So, email me and I'll get you the lists. From there you can pick words and names and try to hunt down the meaning. One of my biggest challenges right now is the word VOL. Based on language mechanics, "L" at the end of the word signifies the progressive tense/gerund (so, adding "ING" at the end of a word). So, Lord VOLL is LORD VOLing. REEVOL is FLY-VOL and VOL is just VOL. (Also note that ING can also signify ER, the specific rules I have started mapping out but are still rather loose). So, LEETL means "healing" but can also mean "healer". Yeah, I cringe when I think about how imprecise this is (then again, I can't "send" to convey meaning). I was thinking VOL might signify DREAM so LORD VOLL is LORD DREAMING/DREAMER, REEVOL is "FLY-DREAM" or, perhaps more accurately, "DREAM FLIGHT". And VOL is just DREAM. As you see, I don't believe this is right. Just the best I've gotten to so far. I thought it also might mean LEAD so REEVOL means "FLY-LEAD" or "FLIGHT LEADER" so to speak. Still pretty rough and it doesn't seem to be working. Anyway, I look forward to hearing more about your ideas. Gotta go for now. Talk to you soon.

(Please forgive any errors in spelling, no time for spell-check)