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Yanclae, to be as clear as I know how to be, the language I am developing is just a fun construction of a language based on elements which have already appeared in Elfquest. I do not think real elves will be speaking this, somewhere in a galaxy far, far away (my nod to George Lucas). I do not have a psychic antenna which receives elf chatter. I do not sit down and have an occasional beer with the Wolfriders. Nor does Legolas send me Christmas cards. This is simply a fun project which will hopefully add a thin layer to the already massive Elfquest universe. Perhaps the completed manual will give EQ readers an additional appreciation of the EQ universe while also teaching them about language mechanics (I was 7 when I started reading Elfquest and would have loved to have learned this type of thing at the same time).

As for any theories you have about me I will leave that to you and you can believe whatever you wish.

On the topic of artificial languages there are several which have been created. Binary code is defined as a language, strangely enough. There are the languages of Tolkien (some of which are rather complete, to be sure, but none of which are organic or independent of all earth-human languages and all of which are completely fabricated). There are the languages of the Star Trek universe ("Klingonese" seems to have pride of place there). These are all non-organic. Fabricated. Fake. Fun. That is the point I believe. And language is only a means of communication anyway, so if I say "the rock is big" in any language (even sign language or through pictographs) and the meaning is transmitted, received and understood then there is communication and the language works. People have taught apes how to use sign language and apparently these apes have then started teaching each other. It is simply a means of conveying a message, regardless of the vehicle. If you find some existential meaning beyond this then I am happy for you but I really think you are making mountains out of mole hills with this project. It's supposed to be fun. It is not supposed to unlock the mysteries of the universe.

Finally, I think I am really going to have to read biographies of Tolkien again because I surely must have missed something about the man that you apparently know.

I think all of this would be better in a private discussion which I am more than willing to have with you but not posted on this particular board where the rest of us are focused on our fun little project and trying to avoid distractions, rants and irrelevant tangents.

Shade and sweet water to you, my friend.