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Isn't there a story about the wolfriders coming upon a communication device sent out by the High One's ship, where Skywise was the only one who could receive the messages? Didn't Timmain speak an entirely different language?
If that's the case, it would kind of make you wonder how all these tribes (and preservers...and trolls) would speak the same language after all those years.
(Babel fish, of course!)
Good thing there's no discrepancies in Elfquest. Laugh

You make a good point, Jeb. Looking at this as a non-discrepancy, one could look at these happenings as "best way to discribe the situation", and that the basic roots of Elven (High-One) lanugage are based in the mind/spirit, and not in speech itself.

What your post made me think of was that the High Ones were mentally linked and had spent a long period of time exploring and just plain existing. In a way, the High Ones would be as much more experienced (advanced?) than the Wolfriders as the Wolfriders would be to the humans of the Gotara tribe, simply due to lifespan if nothing else. A human could spend their entire lives living with the Wolfriders and not have a tenth of the understanding of Wolfrider culture as an Elven counterpart. A Wolfrider would find many of the concepts of a recording of the High Ones to be just as hard to grasp, I would think, even if it was within the same realm of basic mental language.

Then throw in that it may have been a recording of the collective mind/spirit feel of the ship... Ancient beings that have nearly removed them from physical interactions with each other and share almost everything mind to mind, spirit to spirit, their star-song harmonizing with each other. It would make sense that Skywise, who's heart longed for the stars, would be the closest to being in tune with such a recording in any condition. Wolfriders in general, who are as closely in tune with the physical world as any Elves in existance on WoTM, might have understood audiable language from the High Ones, but a direct mind dump would be uninteligable, espeically if their heartsongs were so far out of tune with it.

A good way to expain this is Techno-babble. Many of the people I hang out with are highly knowledgable with computers and technology. When I discuss Classes in Java with on of my friends, and how it affects the game I'm trying to put together, he redily understands what I'm talking about without much if any explaination. If I were to even use the phrase "Classes in Java" with my mother, she would think I was talking about some sort of Barista training program. The words are all there, in the same language, but the topics, context, and understanding are all based on experience and communal knowledge pool.

Further, the High-Ones had more than likely spent most of their lives and experiences together, so a wash of a thought about some place they had been to and what they had learned there (perhaps distilled down to the EQuivlant of a two or three word phrase) could speak volumes about a different concept quickly and concisely, and when mixed with another phrase or thought-wash could meld two concepts from vastly different sources together in an understandable way that would take weeks of verbal speech to convey (if a picture is worth a thousand words...) We do this all the time in real life and don't even notice it (the phrase "A picture's worth a thousand words" is meaningless if you don't have a context for the world Picture, Thousand, Word, and Worth, as all these words have a large number of definitions based on context).

Anyway, the High-Ones would have maintained a verbal equivlant of this in order to speak to the prototrolls and Presevers, which appear to be "Send-Deaf" on-ship and for other reasons we could guess at. This base would remain similar over time, especially among elves if it mirrored some sort of internal mind/spirit langage. Preservers have no progression for changes to occur, so if any race were to have changes happen to the physical langage it would be among Trolls, who have an entirely different range of experience and a relatively high turnover of generations, as well as possibly having a different heart-song... Perhaps hearts of stone? Smile

Nevertheless, it seems that for whatever reason the Trolls kept their base language in common with the Elves.


It is the factual activity of the mind that intrigues me, more than the fiction. If I have destroyed some people's hopes of the merit of this endeavor, I have succeeded. Obviously, there is a real reason why Jeremy is exploring these meanings in his soul, which I could not explain.
The fact of artificial "science fiction" language might be a realm of research. But no scholar can be fooled, to believe that these languages are counterparts of the language they speak. The documentation of the efforts from science fiction fans stands in a realm of non-fiction. In this realm, you are free and prepared to observe how obsurd or accurate our species' philosophical view of ourselves and the universe is becoming.
But I make no reservations when I am simply stating, that unless there is one among us who was raised an elf, like the child of Tyleet, there is really no chance that any of us could teach the elven language. This is similar to the type of experience that J.R.R. Tolkien had gained, in a certain sense.

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I think that one might be in NB #10.
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I think it would be beyond awesome if someone (or group, for that matter) put together a "Hitchhikers' Guide to the World of Two Moons"!