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(just so others can build on it or fix it where it went wrong if it did, here's an excerpt of an email I sent earlier to Jeremy Head in referance to using his naming conventions as part of the fangame....)

(From Jeremy HeadSmile
As for making up a character name, I think it would be a great idea if you could select abilities you want your character to have (tree-shaping, rock-shaping, flight, etc.) and these names would then be translated by the computer. For example, the ability to fly and be a rock shaper (EGG/AUREK type) might be called "REELEK" (FLYING ROCK). So then the players will say, 'Oh, my character's name is Reelek." As character interact with others they may start learning that EK means rock, REE means flying, etc. So after they have interacted enough they can see the name of another character and automatically know that the character has abilities relating to something specific. In this way they might learn some of the language while not doing it on purpose.

(sorry if some of this gets too wierd, I think I might have been half asleep at the end of it)

I was plotting along the same lines as you are for soul name creation... however I had a thought reading your reply: Two characters set up the same way would have the same soul name (and conversely, inputting the same soul name would result in an identical twin or clone). I have a thought to solve this.

Initial soul names are supposedly known to the parent of the unborn child, then lost, then discovered much later... sometimes only when Recognition occurs. There was some discussion about soul names here and there on the forums (recently on Final Quest thread), and some believe that Soul Names can change over time, but there is usually an associated change of character in the individual. So, what I'm thinking is that there might be some finer nuances to naming than simple roots conjoined... otherwise most of the gliders would have the same soul names (or true names, depending on what came you're in as to wether or not only Wolfriders have Soul Names)... I guess to an extent, it might not matter in the case of the gliders as they might have been forged into some new persona based on Winnie's manipulations, sharing many similarities... but at least Kureel and Aroree had different personalities even if they had the same ability. 'REE' might have some referance to gliding, soaring, flying or what have you (that's your department), but KU and ARO or even breakdowns of these portions (or abriviations, as at times in most languages parts of a root are lost when joined with others to make words... in this case maybe KUR might be Cruel, but KUR and REE might have been shortened from Kurree to Kuree... Like I said, that's your department) might be formed from portions of their personality.

Further, what if there were several roots for each concept? Lets say (this is totally bogus and does not directly apply to the word roots you're working on, but gets the point across):

Rock=EK, EL, and TIG
Paper=PAP, PE, PER
Scissors=SCI, SS, SOR, IS, CIS
Cheap=Y, I
Non-stingy=O, U

Three rock shapers walk into a bar, and one orders a Bud Light in a paper cup, one orders a pounder of Coors, and one seaches the seat cushons for loose change to see if he has enough for a Coors in a paper cup...

The first two, both rock shapers with an affinity for beer, would seem to have similar Soul Names, however, instead of them both being called "Brek", the breakdown might be:

BU+PE+EL=Bupel for the one who ordered Bud Light in a paper cup

CO+POU+TIG=Poutigco for the one who ordered the pounder of Coors

If the cheapskate that seached for change found enough change for a pounder of Coors his name might be:

CO+HI+TIG=Hicotig (I in HI is flavored "cheap" compared to Poutigco's ability to pay up for what he wants)

Or if he only found enough for a paper cup of Bud Light he might be:

BU+PER+EL=Buperel (since A in this case is more "Oish" and E is more "Iish" by flavor standards)

Thus, Bupel and Buperel seem similar but actually have vastly different ways of wandering through life... but Poutigco and Hicotig seem only like they have 'tig' as a similar root, but the Troll coming in a few minutes later wouldn't know the difference between the two by looking at them.

Anyway, what that long, lengthy and silly illustration was intended to lead up to would be a concept in the game that a Soul Name might be a snapshot of the character's attributes at some critical point (recognition, a life or death struggle, a first crush, a first sucessful hunt... some trigger) and that name is flavored by what the character has done and specialized in. As far as the game is concerned...

Character Alpha might be a male Glider elf that is an extremely good archer. The roots would be something like "flying archer"

Character Delta might also be a male Glider elf that is a good archer, so he would have the same roots: "Flying Archer"


Alpha spent his youth learning to carve his own arrows and bows from wood by hand, without magical aid, and used these for practice

Delta spent his youth stealing arrows from the nearby Human's camp to use for practice... Oh, and he gambled with a Troll for his bow.

Alpha's name would be flavored with Wood (perhaps "wood fairy" instead of "Flying"), Ernestness, precision (due to carving) or whatever...

Delta's name would be flavored with roots leaning toward the Trickster (Loki, luna anyone?), or the Thief, or Luck...

So we might up with "Lucky Flying Archer" or "Demon Archer" (as it would come across in Anime roots) for one and "Wood-Sprite Archer" or "Angel Archer" (another mechanation of Anime, just to emphasize the similarity of flavored opposites... or is it the other way around?)... Or maybe something else entirely as the name-trigger might have been a diplomatic event (Alpha Angel Archer tries to calm the restless Humans when they discover Delta Demon's theft of their arrows) that made Alpha trigger for Diplomacy with his wood carving (the wood carving diplomat? You don't say!), and the event shoves harder on Delta's Luck, so he might become "Lucky Flying Archer"...