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My general impression--for various reasons--is that the current elves of Abode do not have a written representation of their language, and that symbology isn't at all the same thing as written language. We've had a couple of interesting conversations about the subject on the boards over the years (some of which got wiped out in the hack attack.) Here's an excerpt from one of my posts...

originally_posted_by Nowth
According to "Ask Elfmom" they don't have much use for prose writing, preferring an oral tradition, but it does exist.

I understood that to mean that they have no use for writing beyond making lists...

I think what you're saying is, basically, that the trolls would, realistically, have to have these things... but we've never actually seen it, have we? Maybe their nerds don't get out much, dunno.

The concept of writing is still the same, whether its practical application is a grocery list, Hamlet, a book on basic algebra, a phone directory, a clay tablet with cuneiform etched in it, or Sonnets from the Portugese. :D That concept being: the setting down in a permanent form spoken language, knowledge, and ideas by way of direct and abstract symbology so that another being in a different space/time than oneself can interpret the symbols and recognize the meaning of them without the original writer conveying the information directly.

The Abodean elves have yet to show a true use or need for writing because they are capable of communicating full-fidelity knowledge mind-to-mind or through 3-D recording devices such as the Scroll of Colors and the Great Egg. The trolls, not being gifted so, must thereby rely on the next best things: oral tradition, and the abstract symbology of writing out one's spoken language. Why the Pinis have never shown this to happen much in the Quest, only they can say.

The full thread is http://www.elfquest.com/social/index.php?do=/forum/-3/troll-and-elf-numbers-and-writing/page_1/