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Thanks, guys, for confirming many of my suspicions. Embala, you wrote a very interesting thing about the pureblood mothers thinking part of the name is missing. I don't remember the stories within the novels though I am positive I read them. I remember when I was about 10 years old going on a cross-country road trip to Texas and reading about "spirit quests" or that sort of thing. I'll surely have to re-read everything while I have time. If anyone has any dog-eared copies of the novels and doesn't mind me writing in the margins please send them to me. I'll even pay for postage.

Another interesting point you mention is about Kreanne who has the soul-name "Kree"? I haven't come upon this character yet but, ever so wonderfully, the soul-name fits linguistically. The language manual states that "K" is a prefix to signify the superlative form of a word while "REE" means "flight." So, "KREE" means, literally, "BIG FLIGHT" according to the language manual. As to whether or not this is accurate in regard to Kreanne's character I'll have to hear from other people who know more. It does address the fact that I will have to include as to when there is an apostrophe and when there is not (Dewshine's soul-name "LREE" is offering some difficulty still). K'CHAIYA means "BIG BELOVED MY" or, more accurately, "My Greatest Beloved." In this case there is an apostrophe. I'm glad you noted this or the detail would have slipped right by me (as it currently stands an apostrophe is used only when the K is followed by a consonant which, in this case, is clearly inaccurate).

As for the trolls making a written language I think it makes sense. Without the ability to "send" and wanting to accurately keep track of various things a written language would be desirable. I look forward to reading as much information as possible though I'm sure it will take a while. I already have a Blue Mountain sized pile of information in front of me and I was just offered more.

Thank you all for the tremendous help. This isn't a small project and I think we are just scraping the surface. I'm making additions to the language manual almost daily though I have had little time to continue elf name/word analysis. I will spend some time on this for sure while I am in Hawaii (and I feel all your "sent" emotions of jealousy, har har).