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So, the next question:

Winnowill has been the most enigmatic character in this entire Elfquest universe (in my opinion). I have gotten great advice from Wendy Pini in regard to the feeling or meaning behind the name. However, a translation from "elf-speak" has proven difficult because of the linguistic rules involved with the manual. I can change the rules, to be sure, but in this particular case it would start moving into a very gray area and it would not be as user-friendly as I'm hoping to make it (I want even children to be able to use these words and understand them).

Because of the words involved, which I consider to be a transliteration of elven sounds INTO English I am stating that no double letter words will exist except in specific cases. For example, "WINN" would be pronounced just like "WIN" through transliteration. So, because of this, Winnowill's name is seen as three words plus a gerund or progressive tense (meaning the last word ends in "ING"). So, the name is WIN-NO-WIL-L.

I am toying with the idea that "NO" is a type of suffix to a word meaning "ED" or giving it a possible past tense (REALLY hoping to start establishing the rules for past, present and future tense and Winnowill's name could be the key). So...her name means "SOMETHING-ED-SOMETHING-ING". Speaking with "Elf Mom" I was informed that Winnowill was basically an English term, meaning exactly that: a person who can CARVE AWAY another person's WILL.

I think it's also important to pay attention to the fact(?) that Winnowill was not always evil(?). In my mind she attached herself to Lord Voll who illustrated a dream for a group of elves. Those elves then became those who dwelled in Blue Mountain. At that time I believe Winnowill was a muse, a person who gave Voll the confidence and support needed to pursue his goals. So I think her name could not be so obviously malicious. I think she changed with time though her original name might have remained. But with the increase in power she became consumed by it. Perhaps this is the same as Rayek and, perhaps like Rayek, I both love and hate Winnowill. I do see how much good she could do with her power...but benevolence is no longer in her nature. If she could only understand...but she can't....

In book three it seems to take Suntop's mental message to Cutter (a phenomenal piece of art which conveyed what I think a real "sent" message would "look" like) is the first to really identify a sense of warning against Winnowill (yeah, locking Strongbow away and torturing him was a “Black-Snake” move but considered justifiable by some). Because of this I think that her name cannot be too menacing but should hint at power or menace.

So, ______ED ________ING is what I am toying with for the meaning of Winnowill's name. I have a few ideas of my own already written down but I'd like to hear other opinions.

(Sorry for any incomplete thoughts or sentences. It's after 1am.)

That's interesting. Because in the novelization of Captives of Blue Mountain, Cutter's internal dialog says that Winnowill's name has no meaning.