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Thanks for the note. MultiMEDEA. That would certainly make things easier. Perhaps there is no meaning for Cutter, who is a far descendent of the High Ones while Winnowill is closer and so speaks the "High Elven" some fans have talked about. Just a thought. Not really sure where I should go from here.

Embala, great idea with the "L" meaning "small" (this is the opposite of "K", the superlative, and is called the diminutive). I really like the idea and it fits rather well so I'll probably have to change that.

Currently I have "M" as the diminutive such as MEKDA (M-EK-DA = Little-Stone-?) and M'REN (Little - Ren?). Maybe it could be gender dependent (which I try to avoid because gender just makes things confusing and, in my opinion, as the coneheads stopped reproducing gender would mean very little). "M" could mean something else but I'll have to play around with a few ideas. Still, I really like "L" in his case.

Other than Leetah I can't think of any elf names beginning with "L" except LUTAI.

From the language manual rules, and assuming that L is now the diminutive:


L is the diminutive = Little
U = High/Tall
TA = ?
I = Plural

So, "LITTLE HIGH somethingS"

I have no idea who Lutai is so it would be hard to assign a meaning to the name based on the character. We're just missing the TA here. Anyone a LUTAI expert?

Still loving the L. Now, I just gotta figure out what to do with that pesky "M". Any ideas?