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Just want to throw a few thoughts in...

The "high" / "low" happes in RL throughout the world in many languages. The two Im most aquainted with that seem to be good examples are Spanish and English.

In spanish, "high" spanish is what is tended to be considered what is spoken in Spain and by the desendants of the aristocracy in Mexico, and (at lead here, at least, where there a lot of immigrants), "Low" is considered what is spoken by others in Mexico. "High", or "proper" spanish is what is most often taught in public schools, but most immigrants speak "low" or "conversational", which results in a lot of frustration. While a 'proper' speaker and a 'conversational' speaker can understand each other readily, they do not readily switch to the other form, as they both feel their way is "right".

In English, you've got British, Scottish, Irish, upper east coast American, lower east coast american, Texan, Northwestern, californian, Austrailian, Canadian, and a slew of other varieties. Nevertheless, we all can understand each other pretty well, even though its difficult to replicate each other's speech readily. When a member of a group moves into another, their accent and 'phrasology' (its a word if I made it up) will morph into the new group's 'norm' fairly rapidly, as they are essentially the exact same language, just with variances between pronuciation and some usage.

The core of these languages are mostly the same, thought. Americans might referance a "Bath Room", while British might call it a "Water Closet", but while the name changes the words are still English and still can be figured out in context.

Battery is going dead. Other thought will have to wait.