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You bring up a lot of great questions and these are the types of things which need to be discussed in order to make this as accurate as possible.

As for the Gliders, I can only assume that they originally might have had young names which could change (Aurek became "Egg" and others became "Door" and "Brace" even in adulthood). Not quite sure. I'll just say it's possible.

As for Gibra and Vol, perhaps Gibra knew that their situation on Abode was rather bleak and that hope was necessary and so Vol was named to express this hope and to perhaps lead the elves beyond simply surviving and into a thriving existence. Perhaps "LEAD" has other connotations in Elven and can also be seen to mean "independent". Not sure about any of this but at least we are moving in the right direction.

Making a note to the original High-Ones, I think their names more than any others might possibly be the most rudimentary. According to Timmain in Book 4 (if I am remembering correctly) 'their bodies changed with the only concern being function.' If this is the case then perhaps their names were only a matter of function as well as.

Again, all of what I say is merely a collection of theories. The only way anything can become "true" in this case is what we discuss and agree upon. And these discussions have been tremendously helpful. Without you I'd still be battling the diminutive M and L and not moving beyond that. Now the new rules are laid down (for now, until we encounter the next problem) and we can move onto the next thing.



Little-High-Storm-Plural (Little High Storms)

I have no idea what this means because I know nothing about Lutai other than that little series of frames I was sent. But I needed a word which could serve as both a noun and a verb for TA and STORM fits the bill. This works for TALEN too...kinda:



So, what does EN mean? I know nothing about TALEN either. ;-)