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I agree with you about the preserver speech. However, this is apparently straight elf-speak so there needs to be something more involved with it. Then again, rather than say "good night" we sometimes say "nighty night" so perhaps this could be attributed to the very familiar form (far more culturally intimate and perhaps adds another degree of surprise to the elves when they hear this from a human).

In regard to Preservers, their speech is pretty fun. FLY-HIGH THINGS can be translated as REE-U-ASH-I or, more accurately REEUASHI with each vowel basically being pronounced individually.

I'm toying with the idea that dull/soft/dim/etc. are all the same word (potentially "SHREE") and used as a type of prefix (functioning like an adjective, but slightly differently). It seems many fans want a language as far from English as possible, which is understandable I suppose, but we need to understand that all languages have rules for a reason and we have to base this one off of the language phrases we have seen thus far. If I just wanted to make up a language completely from scratch it would be a much simpler (and certainly less enjoyable) task.