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You need input about Zarhan Fastfire! Wink

He was the youngest of the pureblooded elves at Rahnee's chief time, fitting neither with the Wolfriders nor the Others (the pureblooded elves). He felt himself "the greatest exile of them all".

Gifted with fire-starting magic, inherited by his father Enlet. He experimented with this magic to make glass (he wore a thong of glass beads).

Recognized lifemate of Rahnee She-Wolf - he reveiled her soulname RAHNEE. He sired 5-7 (?) children with her and recognized many others as well.

Zarhan's cleverness was instrumental in helping the tribe to survive. He carved bone into fishing hooks to supplement the meat brought back from the hunting parties, and developed traps and nets.
He was the only pureblooded elf to accompany the Firstborn on their initial hunt after Threetoe the Father and the Hunt disappeared.

He appears in BotC #1 (comic adeption of the novel "Colors"). When Timmorn's struggle between Wolfsong and Starsong was shown, Zarhan symbolized "the endless future/past, the pull of the stars".

(source: mostly Wolfrider's Guide)

Not exactly the candidate who "could be seen as "UN-SKILLED-?" Wink

And when I should choose someone to go with "speak" or "voice" it would be Talen, the "interpretor" or speaker of his Chief Two-Spear when he banned the Humans.